When to Do a Gutter Replacement or Repair?

Gutter Replacement

A well-working gutter is a must-have for every home. It ensures your comfort in the house as well as retains the value of your home. Otherwise, when it rains, a mere inch of precipitation can do a number on your roofing, and your entire property.

If you want to keep your home sturdy and maintain its aesthetics, then maintenance should be high on your priority list. Frequent gutter repairs or replacements are one of the many ways of doing that.
Here’s what you need to know before making a decision;                   

DO I NEED MY GUTTERS REPAIRED OR REPLACED?                                                                                          

The difference between gutter repair and replacement trickles down to the extent of the damage on your gutter. If the problem is big and covers a significant portion then gutter replacement is what you need.                                                      

When do you need a repair?

For a small and confined problem, you will be able to retain the existing gutter but with some necessary repairs.

  • You can get away with gutter repairs if….
  • The damage is localized on one or two gutter sections
  • Only a few holes or cracks need fixing
  • A single joint or leak or seam is licking
  • Only a few hangers are loose
  • Or if you have minor fixes on copper gutters: we all know copper is expensive.

When do you need a replacement?

Usually, it is better when you try to make these repairs before opting for a replacement.

But sometimes gutter problems are beyond repair and require replacement, let’s check out the extremes;

  • There are a lot of little repairs that must be made; that’s much more costly so, you might want to consider replacement
  • Your hangers won’t stay in; if you’ve already tried once or twice to repair your loose hangers and they keep on slipping, I guess it’s high time for a replacement
  •  Problems associated with the downspouts; downspouts are deflected gutters; they deflect water and other build-ups of debris away from your home. So, you don’t want to have them clogged.
  • Sagging or incorrect pitch
  • Any damage caused by buckling or denting
  •  Any sign of water damage when your gutters are clog-free is a bad alarm.

With the above information, you can easily identify the problem in your gutters. In case you need gutter installation, replacement, or repairs and you stay within or around Tucson, Rock Roofing,  may be the contractors you need for all your residential roofing problems. Contact them today.